As you may have guessed, Fortunes Collide Marketing is a one-person shop.   Every project on this page has been led or fully completed by me.  For over ten years I have been Director of Operations for a family-owned business that, at one time, comprised four retail locations and 90 employees.  I have been responsible for all aspects of the business including planning, accounting/finance, marketing, human resources, and legal.  I do a lot of the work that would typically be done by attorneys, accountants and graphic designers.


Growing up in a retail business has given me a strong customer focus and great empathy for others and my education and work history have allowed me to see all aspects of large and small businesses and have taught me how to work well independently and on a team.


My experience with 3M before starting Fortunes Collide Marketing was critical to building my marketing and project management skills.  As a member of an internal consulting group at 3M I was involved in many marketing and strategy projects working across multiple divisions within 3M (ranging from a new consumer product for Post-it® Flags to mergers and acquisitions for industrial packing material) as a team member and often as the project lead.


My interest in the fire service began with my position as Product Marketer for 3MTM ScotchliteTM Reflective Material Flame Retardant products where I was responsible for current fluorescent and retro-reflective trim products and for related new product development.  I coordinated a team made up of research scientists, production persons, technical support representatives and business managers.


Maintaining Fortunes Collide Marketing for the same 10+ years working as Director of Operations for the family business has allowed me to take on projects that are appropriate to my skills and time availability, and it has provided me the opportunity to stay involved in the fire service.   Some highlights of these projects are included here.


Business Planning

  • I created a business plan for a new business focused on training end-users the proper skills and techniques for inspecting their work gear through a series of three-day workshops and training sessions.  The plan includes a course outline, business partner analysis and revenue source analysis.


  • Working with a school in Seattle, WA, I created a business planning toolkit for students with limited experience interested in starting their own businesses.  The toolkit includes a business plan template with basic financial models, a resource guide, a process guide, a client release form, and a patient intake form.


  • Working with the merchant marketing initiative committee (Think Dexter First), I drafted the organization's 2008 Operating Plan.  The plan includes an operating budget based on forecasts for revenue and expenses for all programs the group planned to launch in 2008.


  • I have worked with a Michigan-based business owner to create an exit strategy and evaluate offers related to the sale of the business.


  • I have researched and written a business plan to open and operate an independent children’s bookstore in a S.E. Michigan community.  The business plan includes target market, location, competitive and financial analysis with a grand opening timeline, marketing plan and calendar of events.


Conference Planning

  • Working with F.I.E.R.O. (Fire Industry Education Resource Organization) I have helped plan seven major symposiums (100-300 attendees) and a smaller (~50 attendees) format workshop.


Marketing Support

  • I created an online/eLearning training module with a testing mechanism to teach firefighters how to inspect and clean their personal protective equipment (PPE) for a major PPE manufacturer.


  • Working with a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 1851) committee, I created a marketing plan for a personal protective equipment (PPE) conference to be held for the first time in 2009.  The plan includes target market analysis, an execution plan with timeline and tasks, financial plan with break-even analysis and a tentative schedule for speakers and guests.


  • I also handle the marketing (print and online) for Fire Industry Education Resource Organization (F.I.E.R.O.) conferences related to the care and maintenance of firefighting PPE (biennial) and fire station design (annual).  Target markets include end users, manufacturers, designers, architects, city officials and others.


  • I worked closely with a group of independent business owners to refocus their Area Chamber of Commerce to be more responsive to business and community needs through marketing and consumer education.


Project Management

Some of the tasks I can complete for your project include:

  • Lead the formation of the project task group
  • Facilitate task force meetings
  • Liaise between the project team and the fire service
  • Participate in the procurement of PPE and other equipment needed for the live fire burns
  • Assist in report writing
  • Aid in dissemination of the interim and final reports






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